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Seattle is a hub of the American music scene. And the Edgewater has long been a part of that scene.

This Month’s Band Line-up

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  • 4/21/2017 Caety Sagoian
  • 4/22/2017 Elena Maque
  • 4/28/2017 LEAH T
  • 4/29/2017 PAPA JOSH

Local Vocals

Caety Sagoian
Caety has been acting and performing since she was twelve. A graduate of Seattle’s Cornish College of the Arts, you can see Caety performing regularly at the Seattle Children’s Theater.

You may also have heard her voice-over work in various places, including the voice of Bowser Jr. in seven of Nintendo’s popular Mario Bros games. Caety also has a voice-over and on-camera spot with the PBS show Biz Kid$ and has appeared on KING 5 television’s “the 206″ this past year with Pat Cashman and John Keister.

Elena Maque
Growing up in a rich cultural center of Russia, St.-Petersburg, Elena Maque was always drawn to art. Whether it was dancing, painting or playing an instrument, she always felt like Art was the best way to express her soul and true feelings.

Upon graduating from Mussorgsky College of Music in St. Petersburg, Russia, Elena was already an established musician. For a few years she was a part of the city`s renowned jazz big band led by Gennady Golshtein, which toured Russia and other European countries. During that time she was also working on some of her own music projects. After moving to the US, Elena started searching for new ideas, learning a lot from the local musicians in Seattle.

Combining her knowledge in classical music, jazz and funk styles resulted in creation of Elena`s unique and individual sound. As a composer she believes that every song has a story, an experience or a feeling that left it`s footprint in the artist`s soul. Her music is sincere and personal.

Currently Elena is leading Maquattack band and Elena Maque Quartet.

Leah T & The Baked Goods
Leah Tousignant is bound to dazzle any audience with her smooth vocals, funky piano chops, and irresistible charm. Leah T has spent much of her life in the Twin Cities honing her craft as a uniquely creative singer/songwriter. Her many years spent studying the piano has transformed her into a dynamic solo performer as well as a magnetic front woman. Throughout 2014, she put a great deal of her efforts into debuting her first full-length album, Love and Other Green Things. The album is a quirky and charming release filled with imaginative lyricism, playful melodies, and groovy beats.

After calling St. Paul, MN her home for 24 years, Leah T made the decision to move towards the Pacific coast and has been diving head first into the Seattle music scene since 2015. While still pursuing her solo project, she was quickly scooped up by a number of local bands; namely Fine Prince, a sunny indie pop band formed during a state of reverie in the damp foggy grey that is Seattle, WA.

Leah T is constantly seeking ways grow as a musician and chase inspiration. She has the unique ability to make an impact on most every person she encounters by simply being one of the most amicable gals you could ever meet. While she is uncertain about what her next grand adventure will be or where her current endeavors will take her, it is clear that Leah is a talent worthy of keeping track of as her career is only just beginning to unfold

Papa Josh
Papa Josh Music is a super funky newcomer to the Seattle music scene. He's a hard grooving jazz guitarist, soulful vocalist, inspirational composer and charismatic entertainer who gears his music towards the dance floor. Papa Josh & Friends is a fantastic lineup featuring some of Seattle's finest players. Funk, Jazz, Soul & beyond!

The Beatles

In 1964, during their first world tour, The Beatles stayed at our Seattle hotel which had been newly completed for the World's Fair. At the time, no other hotel in the city would accept The Beatles as guests; The Edgewater, however, happily welcomed them.

Beatlemania so consumed Seattle that The Edgewater had to install cyclone fencing around the hotel to keep the screaming fans at bay. Some fans even tried swimming across Elliott Bay to reach the Fab Four. After their concert, The Beatles were rushed back to the hotel in an ambulance, while taxi cabs and stand-ins were used as decoys.

Rock n’ Roll Legends

Since opening in 1962, The Edgewater Hotel has hosted some of the most famous names in music, including: The Beatles, Pearl Jam, The Village People, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Ozzy Osbourne, KISS, Wings, Neil Young, Frank Zappa, Blondie, Jewel, David Bowie, Emmy Lou Harris, Iggy Pop, Jessica Simpson, Mel Tormé, REM, Rod Stewart, Willie Nelson, and more.

Led Zeppelin

  • Stayed at the Edgewater in the late 1970s.
  • Once, while they were checking out, one of the front desk people asked if they would autograph a soccer ball she had with her (she was a big soccer fan). They obliged and signed the ball for her then had an impromptu soccer match with it in the lobby!
  • Robert Plant has visited many times throughout the years – both with the band and on his own.


  • Also stayed at the hotel in the late 1970s.
  • Checked into the hotel in full costume and any time they left their rooms, they were in full concert makeup and attire.

The Village People

  • Also stayed at the hotel in the late 1970s.
  • After their big concert, they headed to the hotel bar for a few drinks. While in the bar,  they started a spontaneous version of their hit song “YMCA”.