Sky City restaurant

Find out more information about the reopening of the iconic Skycity restaurant in the Space Needle.

For Seattle visitors looking for a dinner reservation at the Sky City restaurant in the Space Needle, it appears they’ll have to wait. The Space Needle has been undergoing a $100 million renovation that will add floor to ceiling windows to the observation deck and the world’s first rotating glass floor in the restaurant. Although the restaurant was originally planned to open earlier this spring, construction delays have been blamed for the pushback. Guests at hotels near Space Needle neighborhoods should know they can still, however, visit the partially opened observation deck. Plans for summer openings of a cafe and lounge are also still in place.

Futuristic Blueprints

The Space Needle’s original blueprints, which were drawn up in the early 60’s, were unable to be fulfilled due to their futuristic outlook and the lack of technology to carry out the plans. 2013 saw the establishment of the Century Project, a privately funded, multiyear venture tasked with renovating the observation deck, restaurant and internal systems. The project hopes to reveal the tower’s internal structure as originally proposed in the 60s. It also plans to achieve LEED Silver certification through the use of innovative, environmentally sensitive materials.

The Ndulu

According to a news release, 48 glass panels that weigh over a ton apiece have been hoisted to the observation deck. Since the panels were too large to fit in the elevators, a gantry crane, known as the Ndulu, was installed on the observation deck to do the heavy lifting. At 11 feet tall and four inches thick, the glass panels need to be carefully raised with much attention placed on the prevailing winds. Winds gusting at more than 10 miles per hour will shut down operations.

Other Improvements

Other improvements include new glass barriers on the outer observation deck to replace the currently installed wired caging, larger doors leading to the outer observation deck, an open circular staircase descending from the observation deck to the restaurant and updated washrooms. The restaurant is also being fitted with floor to ceiling windows and its new, revolving glass floor will reveal the turntable mechanics as well as the breathtaking view.

What It Means For Guests Of The Edgewater

For guests staying at hotels near Space Needle neighborhoods, such as The Edgewater Hotel, they should realize the iconic tower is still open for business and continues to provide the best view of Seattle and Puget Sound. However, when it comes to dining options at over 500 feet this summer, you’ll need to ensure the restaurant is open before you make plans. Meanwhile, The Edgewater still strives to keep its guest as informed as possible when it comes to current news in Seattle.