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  • Saturday 10/1 – Caety Sagoian
  • Friday 10/7 - Shaggy Sweet
  • Saturday 10/8 – Sunshine Junkies
  • Friday 10/14 – Shaggy Sweet
  • Saturday 10/15 – Caety Sagoian
  • Friday 10/21 – Elena Maque
  • Saturday 10/22 – The Unoriginals
  • Friday 10/28 – Leah T & The Baked Goods
  • Saturday 10/29 – Groove Kitchen

Shaggy Sweet Songwriters with a genuine, obvious enthusiasm for their craft can't help but attract an audience. For this simple reason, Seattle based singer/songwriter Ben James is on his way to earning a multitude of devoted fans. His inspired songwriting and passionate stage presence establish him as a formidable force in the music industry.

Ben was involved in various projects prior to seeking a solo career. Through the years, Ben has had the opportunity to capture the Contemporary Christian Music market by fronting the band Threefold. It was during this venture that Ben had the distinct pleasure of working with Grammy winning producer Mitch Dane (Jars of Clay). With the release of four albums in a three year span, Ben and Threefold toured over 30 states in North America.

Growing up in Grand Rapids, Minnesota, Ben began singing at the age of four. Born with a raw talent, Ben developed into a feature soloist for his church and school choirs. While singing appeared to be natural for Ben, he began to take an interest in playing drums. He got on his first kit at the age of eight and has since transformed into a valued musician in numerous bands.

Over the past several years Ben has focused his attention on breaking into the secular market and Seattle music scene by fronting an alternate cover band, Shaggy Sweet, that features an array of genres with an original touch. The band can be seen all over the western Washington market in such legendary venues as the Edgewater Hotel.

Since his journey as a solo artist Ben has gained interest from independent labels, established songwriters, and producers. This attention has lead Ben into the studio to work on his solo debut digital release entitled Hell’s Door. With an undeniable talent and support from established musicians, Ben James is sure to exceed all expectations.

The Sunshine Junkies
The Sunshine Junkies is a three piece band on the verge of developing a unique sound that we can call our own. At the moment we are in the midst of creating our second album with a new approach that will be a departure from our debut album "Mirage". The Sunshine Junkies was originally formed in 2010 by Jason Crockett (vocals, guitar) and Richie Audin (lead guitar). Since that time we have played hundreds of shows at many different venues, with many different musicians. Now, with the new addition of percussionist, drummer, and friend Abraham Neuwelt we have never sounded more cohesive and genuine! We are now closer to an authentic sound than ever before, and we're having a blast doing it.

Cody Ray and The New Favorites
Cody Ray & The New Favorites are a Neo-Soul/R&B Rock-Funk infused power trio and duo, drawing from the early roots of soul, rhythm and blues, with influences of rock, jazz, and even grunge. Cody Ray Raymond, lead singer/songwriter and guitar player and his group are dynamically oriented, moving effortlessly through sultry sweet sounds to bouncing grooves, sometimes all in one song. This retro group is on their way to revitalizing soul music with the utmost passion and excitement.

Caety Sagoian
Caety has been acting and performing since she was twelve. A graduate of Seattle’s Cornish College of the Arts, you can see Caety performing regularly at the Seattle Children’s Theater. You may also have heard her voice-over work in various places, including the voice of Bowser Jr. in seven of Nintendo’s popular Mario Bros games. Caety also has a voice-over and on-camera spot with the PBS show Biz Kid$ and has appeared on KING 5 television’s “the 206″ this past year with Pat Cashman and John Keister.

Papa Josh
Papa Josh Music is a super funky newcomer to the Seattle music scene. He's a hard grooving jazz guitarist, soulful vocalist, inspirational composer and charismatic entertainer who gears his music towards the dance floor. Papa Josh & Friends is a fantastic lineup featuring some of Seattle's finest players. Funk, Jazz, Soul, & Beyond!

Leah T
Leah Tousignant is bound to dazzle any audience with her smooth vocals, funky piano chops, and irresistible charm. Leah T has spent much of her life in the Twin Cities honing her craft as a uniquely creative singer/songwriter. Her many years spent studying the piano has transformed her into a dynamic solo performer as well as a magnetic front woman. Throughout 2014, she put a great deal of her efforts into debuting her first full-length album, Love and Other Green Things. The album is a quirky and charming release filled with imaginative lyricism, playful melodies, and groovy beats.

After calling St. Paul, MN her home for 24 years, Leah T made the decision to move towards the Pacific coast and has been diving head first into the Seattle music scene since 2015. While still pursuing her solo project, she was quickly scooped up by a number of local bands; namely Fine Prince, a sunny indie pop band formed during a state of reverie in the damp foggy grey that is Seattle, WA.

Leah T is constantly seeking ways grow as a musician and chase inspiration. She has the unique ability to make an impact on most every person she encounters by simply being one of the most amicable gals you could ever meet. While she is uncertain about what her next grand adventure will be or where her current endeavors will take her, it is clear that Leah is a talent worthy of keeping track of as her career is only just beginning to unfold.

Generally Mojo's
Hailing from England, Alex is a guitarist and singer/songwriter that has been playing around the Seattle area for the last 3 years. After showing a keen interest in the guitar at the age of 8, he began his musical journey with classical training and gradually transitioned into more modern styles. Pursuing a performance based career in music, he played with his band The Voodoos at the MTV EMA awards 2011 in Belfast to a crowd of 16,000 and thereafter toured Spain, Germany, Ireland, and 3 national tours of the US.

Elena Maque
Growing up in a rich cultural center of Russia, St.-Petersburg , Elena Maque was always drawn to art. Her parents made their goal to give their four children a musical education besides regular school. Elena`s first instrument was piano, which she started playing at the age of six. Given a foundation in classical music, she started showing a lot of interest in improvisation. By her teenage years, Elena became fascinated with jazz music which eventually determined her switch to saxophone. Great passion for jazz as she entered Mussorgsky College of Music in St.Petersburg gave way to many musical collaborations and projects in the future. Being a student of the legendary Russian jazz giant Gennady Golshtein, she was offered to join his big band "Saxophones of St.Petersburg", which carried in it some of the finest musicians of the city. Here Elena would get her major experience in working with a fast paced big band, as well as studio recording.

Alongside school and jazz band , Elena was consistently playing in a local church band where she would develop her skills in gospel and funk music styles. Her interest in funk grew as she was mentored by a renowned saxophonist, her inspirator and a good friend in Riga, Latvia - Dennis Pashkevich. Combining classical music, jazz and funk styles led Elena to creating a unique and individual sound. She started working with famous Russian and European Djs as well as her own quartet playing jazzy house, soul and electro funk in Russia and Europe.

Tomeka Wiliams
Tomeka Wiliams has always been comfortable with who she is. But with lyrics like these, you can't blame her for being a little unsure about how others would react. Indeed, with looks that could easily land her in the "Super Diva" category, a voice that could earn her Southern Gospel praise and charged subject matter, her concerns were justified. "I was nervous, like....'What are people going to think?"' Tomeka says. "You don't expect a black woman to sing songs like this nowadays and actually mean it and have genuine emotion behind it."

But one listen to the Tacoma , Washington singer's dynamic debut album, The Black Hood, and it's clear that Tomeka's distinctive soul inspired pop-rock blend serves as a perfect sonic platform for the talented singer to explore a wide range of the human experience with the type of potency seldom possessed by first time artists. She lobbies for the safe return of American soldiers on the wishful "Heroes (a letter to Obama)," deals with subjects like a drug addicted mother leaving her child alone to chase the pipe and sexual abuse by priests in the ominous title track "The Black Hood" and points out, not only how her ex became the ex, but that she knew about his philandering ways the whole time, on the bitter "Think About Me." She also passionately deals with an issue that virtually all women have dealt with (or will) -- the loss of innocence (AKA the first time) -- on the thought provoking "What She Gave." Largely based upon personal experience and belief, these songs gave Tomeka an opportunity to heal. "I'm a happy person, but at the time there were so many frustrations that I had that I never really spoken about," she reveals. "This was my outlet to do it."


Stop into Six Seven and enjoy some of our featured cocktails, perfect for sitting on the deck or enjoying in any one of our beautiful indoor tables. These refreshing libations will hit the spot.

Barrel-Aged Cocktails / $14

Dark Abyss
ron zacapa 23yr rum, grind espresso, blackstrap molasses, black walnut bitters

anchor ‘old tom’ gin, luxardo maraschino, cinzano ‘1757’ sweet vermouth, orange bitters, angostura bitters

maker’s mark bourbon, cinzano ‘1757’ sweet vermouth, angostura bitters

russell’s reserve 6yr rye, demerara sugar, orange bitters, angostura bitters

Bandito Jalisco
olmeca altos reposado tequila, cynar, ancho reyes, xocolatl mole bitters

Special Events

Six Seven Restaurant and Lounge is proud to partner with the finest wineries in the Pacific Northwest. Every month Six Seven will showcase two extraordinary Northwest wines. For October, we present Coelho Winery Atração 2014 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir, 2015 Renovação Pinot Gris and the Tradição 2014 Portuguese Red Wine. Enjoy by the glass or by the bottle.

Coelho Winery Atração 2014 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir ($14 glass, $56 bottle), 2015 Renovação Pinot Gris ($14 glass, $56 bottle) and Tradição 2014 Portuguese Red Wine ($17 glass, $68 bottle).

About Coelho Winery
Our family name Coelho, means “rabbit” in Portuguese. To us it symbolizes the love, heritage, and our family approach to creating wine. If you follow the Coelho rabbit, you will find your way to premium wine with a long family history.

COELHO (KOO-AL-yoo) Portuguese translation: Rabbit
As our family name, Coelho also means love, heritage and a family approach to creating premium wines that honor our Portuguese traditions.

Dave’s father, Joe Coelho, best enjoyed wine surrounded by loved ones. A dairyman, Joe made Portuguese wine for family and friends, instilling a love and appreciation for the wine experience in Dave. Deolinda’s grandfather, José (Joe) Serpa was a carpenter who tried winemaking in the family basement. Unfortunately one of his kids siphoned wine for friends to taste. The next morning, the Serpas found the siphon in the barrel, and several sick boys on the floor ending Joe’s winemaking.

Today the Coelho family is involved in all aspects of Coelho wines. If Dave and Deolinda are not at the Coelho Winery in downtown Amity, they will be working at the vineyard, volunteering in the local community, cooking large family dinners at the vineyard, passing on their passion for wine and the Portuguese winemaking traditions of the family, or winning against their children and grandchildren at cards.

David Coelho, head winemaker, joined the winery full-time in the summer of 2010, after actively participating in the winemaking process for eight years, learning how to create premium wine from his parents.

Samuel Coelho, who leads the marketing, sales, and brand development departments, joined the winery full-time in 2009 after seven years of being involved in the family business on all levels.

Stephanie Johnson and Jeanne Coelho, the Coelho sisters, live outside the Willamette Valley, but continue to be valuable assets to the winery. They help host the annual Coelho Winery Harvest Party and help design the marketing materials, respectively.

New Fall Menu
The best of fall happens right on the shores of Elliott Bay. Our culinary celebration begins with a new sensational dinner menu and new bar menu from Executive Chef Jesse Souza starting October 25th! Washington State Brews

As the season changes so does the rotation of Washington State beers in Six Seven. We pride ourselves on finding the best beers for the season that pair beautifully with Executive Chef Jesse Souza’s seasonal cuisine. For October, we’re featuring a new lineup including Black Raven Brewing Company’s Award Winning Coco Jones Coconut Porter and Seapine Brewing Company’s Hefeweisen.

Black Raven Brewing Company
As beer lovers ourselves, our mission is simple; brew beer that we want to drink. So whether you’re enjoying one of our award-winning, year-round beers or trying one of our many unique seasonal beers, you will be without a doubt, drinking delicious beer. Inspiration for our tasty beer comes from a mix of old-world styles and northwest flavor, creating new and original (did we mention delicious) beers for all of Washington to enjoy.

Coco Jones Coconut Porter – 2010 World Beer Cup: Gold Medal – Herb & Spiced Beer Category
The Tamerlane Brown Porter, with subtle nut and coffee tones takes a delicious turn when infused with freshly roasted coconuts.

Seapine Brewing Company - Hefeweisen
Southern German Style Hefe, this unique beer is brewed with 50% German Wheat and 50% German Pilsner Malt. Featuring a straw color with aromas of banana and clove