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Six Seven Restaurant & Lounge Calendar  

  • March 6th - Shaggy Sweet
  • March 7th - Caety Sagoian
  • March 13th - Sunshine Junkies
  • March 14th - Zach Bruce
  • March 20th - Rob Stewart
  • March 21st - Caety Sagoian
  • March 27th - Shaggy Sweet
  • March 28th - Klyntel

Shaggy Sweet
Songwriters with a genuine, obvious enthusiasm for their craft can't help but attract an audience. For this simple reason, Seattle based singer/songwriter, Ben James, is on his way to earning a multitude of devoted fans. His inspired songwriting and passionate stage presence establish him as a formidable force in the music industry.  Ben has been involved in various projects prior to seeking a solo career.  Through the years Ben has had the opportunity to capture the Contemporary Christian Music market by fronting the band Threefold.  It was during this venture that Ben had the distinct pleasure of working with Grammy winning producer Mitch Dane (Jars of Clay).  With the release of four albums in a three year span Ben and Threefold toured over 30 states in North America.  Since his journey as a solo artist Ben has gained interests from Independent labels, established songwriters, and producers.  This attention has lead Ben into the studio to work on his solo debut digital release entitled Hell’s Door.  With an undeniable talent and support from established musicians Ben James is sure to exceed all expectations.

Caety Sagoian
Caety has been acting and performing since she was twelve. A graduate of Seattle’s Cornish College of the Arts, you can see Caety performing regularly at the Seattle Children’s Theater.
You may also have heard her voice-over work in various places, including the voice of Bowser Jr. in seven of Nintendo’s popular Mario Bros games. Caety also has a voice-over and on-camera spot with the PBS show Biz Kid$ and has appeared on KING 5 television’s “the 206″ this past year with Pat Cashman and John Keister.

Rob Stewart
Robert Stewart is a singer, songwriter and pub rat based out of Seattle... he performs solo and with various groups throughout the United States and Canada. He has been the front-man for Seattle group, The Fiasco
since its founding in 2002, as well as appearing solo or as part of an acoustic duo all over the Seattle area and beyond, augmenting his originals with a constant influx of new cover tunes ranging from old to new, from country to Motown to Celtic to Sinatra to Taj Mahal to Tom Petty to Waylon Jennings to Jackson 5 to you name it...

The Sunshine Junkies
The Sunshine Junkies is a three piece band on the verge of developing a unique sound that we can call our own. At the moment we are in the midst of creating our second album with a new approach that will be a departure from our debut album "Mirage". The Sunshine Junkies was originally formed in 2010 by (Jason Crockett) -vocals, guitar, and (Richie Audin) - lead guitar. Since that time we have played hundreds of shows at many different venues, with many different musicians. Now, with the new addition of percussionist, drummer, and friend, (Abraham Neuwelt) we have never sounded more cohesive and genuine!! We are now closer to an authentic sound then ever before, and we're having a blast doing it.

KLYNTEL (KLY-N-TELL) is a band that specializes in a myriad of “collective grooves”. From Fusion Jazz to Funk, from Rock to Soul, Klyntel prides themselves on musicianship. Created in the late 90’s as an R&B quartet, Klyntel took a hiatus from the scene to raise their families but resurrected themselves as a band in early 2009 to get back to the art of real music. No auto tune, no loops, just creative genius and craftsmanship. Klyntel’s first CD “Uninhibited: The Groove Collective” was a masterpiece of instrumental jams they compiled over the first year of their rebirth which produced such hits as “Red CoolAde” & “My Time” a favorite in Europe. The Second CD “Klyntelligence” focuses on the vocal ability & their R&B/Soul roots, couple that with the live show that promises High Energy Jazz with Hip Hop and Funk connotations. Something else that’s new is the addition of featuring more vocals and different vocalist including Todd Brown. Todd’s knowledge as an industry professional has been valuable. He’s worked with notable iconic songwriters such as Narada Michael Walden, was signed to Motown Records as well as M.C. Hammer’s label, Todd added the complete sound.

Zach Bruce
Hailing from the rainy streets of Seattle, Zach Bruce is quickly emerging as a favorite new age artist with a classic R&B sound. Zach Bruce began writing and recording songs in his bedroom as a child, before deciding to hit the stage with his long-time friends and partners in music who make up the rest of his band. On an inevitable climb towards breaking out, Zach has performed on stages from state to state in city to city with the ultimate belief that “nothing is better than live music.” Zach is a refreshing remembrance of what R&B used to be, and an insightful standard of what R&B should be. "Music should affect people, If it doesn’t then its almost pointless.”


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