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  • Friday 3/3 – Cody Ray
  • Saturday 3/4 – Caety Sagoian
  • Friday 3/10 – Papa Josh
  • Saturday 3/11 – Sunshine Junkies
  • Friday 3/17 - Caety Sagoian
  • Saturday 3/18 – Elena Maque
  • Friday 3/24 – Generally Mojo’s
  • Saturday 3/25 – The Unoriginals
  • Friday 3/31 - Leah T & The Baked Goods

Local Vocals

Cody Ray and The New Favorites
Cody Ray & The New Favorites are a Neo-Soul/R&B Rock-Funk infused power trio and duo, drawing from the early roots of soul, rhythm and blues, with influences of rock, jazz, and even grunge. Cody Ray Raymond, lead singer/songwriter and guitar player and his group are dynamically oriented, moving effortlessly through sultry sweet sounds to bouncing grooves, sometimes all in one song. This retro group is on their way to revitalizing soul music with the utmost passion and excitement.

The Sunshine Junkies
The Sunshine Junkies is a three piece band on the verge of developing a unique sound that we can call our own. At the moment we are in the midst of creating our second album with a new approach that will be a departure from our debut album "Mirage". The Sunshine Junkies was originally formed in 2010 by (Jason Crockett) -vocals, guitar, and (Richie Audin) - lead guitar. Since that time we have played hundreds of shows at many different venues, with many different musicians. Now, with the new addition of percussionist, drummer, and friend, (Abraham Neuwelt) we have never sounded more cohesive and genuine!! We are now closer to an authentic sound than ever before, and we're having a blast doing it.

Caety Sagoian
Caety Sagoian is an Up and Coming Artist in the West Coast Music Scene... A “Raspy Voiced” Songstress known for her Creative Mash-Ups and Passionate Delivery of your Favorite Pop, R&B and Rock Songs as well as her Unique Originals. With Her Natural Charisma and Dynamic Performance You are sure to be Entertained.

Elena Maque
Growing up in a rich cultural center of Russia, St.-Petersburg, Elena Maque was always drawn to art. Her parents made their goal to give their four children a musical education besides regular school. Elena`s first instrument was piano, which she started playing at the age of six. Given a foundation in classical music, she started showing a lot of interest in improvisation. By her teenage years, Elena became fascinated with jazz music which eventually determined her switch to saxophone.

Great passion for jazz as she entered Mussorgsky College of Music in St.Petersburg gave way to many musical collaborations and projects in the future. Being a student of the legendary Russian jazz giant Gennady Golshtein, she was offered to join his big band "Saxophones of St.Petersburg", which carried in it some of the finest musicians of the city. Here Elena would get her major experience in working with a fast paced big band, as well as studio recording.

Alongside school and jazz band, Elena was consistently playing in a local church band where she would develop her skills in gospel and funk music styles. Her interest in funk grew as she was mentored by a renowned saxophonist, her inspirator and a good friend in Riga, Latvia - Dennis Pashkevich.

Combining classical music, jazz and funk styles led Elena to creating a unique and individual sound. She started working with famous Russian and European Djs as well as her own quartet playing jazzy house, soul and electro funk in Russia and Europe.

After moving to the US Elena Maque continued her music journey. Here she was deeply influenced by her new friend and mentor, Alexey Nikolaev. Elena has been playing with various Seattle musicians, meanwhile, working on her own compositions and teaching saxophone for the past several years.

Elena Maque has always worked on developing and evolving her individuality in music. Desire to create music that would show her European roots, deep love for jazz and vast experience in electro music genre inspired Elena to form her current band, MaqueAttack.

Leah T & The Baked Goods
Leah Tousignant is bound to dazzle any audience with her smooth vocals, funky piano chops, and irresistible charm. Leah T has spent much of her life in the Twin Cities honing her craft as a uniquely creative singer/songwriter. Her many years spent studying the piano has transformed her into a dynamic solo performer as well as a magnetic front woman. Throughout 2014, she put a great deal of her efforts into debuting her first full-length album, Love and Other Green Things. The album is a quirky and charming release filled with imaginative lyricism, playful melodies, and groovy beats.

After calling St. Paul, MN her home for 24 years, Leah T made the decision to move towards the Pacific coast and has been diving head first into the Seattle music scene since 2015. While still pursuing her solo project, she was quickly scooped up by a number of local bands; namely Fine Prince, a sunny indie pop band formed during a state of reverie in the damp foggy grey that is Seattle, WA.

Leah T is constantly seeking ways grow as a musician and chase inspiration. She has the unique ability to make an impact on most every person she encounters by simply being one of the most amicable gals you could ever meet. While she is uncertain about what her next grand adventure will be or where her current endeavors will take her, it is clear that Leah is a talent worthy of keeping track of as her career is only just beginning to unfold

Papa Josh
Papa Josh Music is a super funky newcomer to the Seattle music scene. He's a hard grooving jazz guitarist, soulful vocalist, inspirational composer and charismatic entertainer who gears his music towards the dance floor. Papa Josh & Friends is a fantastic lineup featuring some of Seattle's finest players. Funk, Jazz, Soul, & Beyond!

The Unoriginals
The band first started out as "funk in the trunk" in the late 1990's, and later became the "lovely lads" while going through several different lineups involving many, many drummers. We then realized that there were millions of lovely lads out there, so we changed our band name to "the originals." Apparently, there was another band called the originals, so we changed it to the "new originals." Then we realized that we don't play original songs. Thus, on August 16, 2008, we decided to rename our group "the unoriginals."

The Unoriginals have satisfied the musical needs of virtually all who watch their shows. The band plays the "best of the best" of so many genres, effortlessly weaving in and out of every major popular music styles from the 50's (Chuck Berry, Elvis), 60s (Beatles, Motown), 70’s (Zeppelin, Disco/Funk), 80’s (AC/DC, Bon Jovi), all the way to recent hits (Jack Johnson, Weezer).

RL Heyer
RL Heyer is a guitarist/vocalist/composer in Seattle. He current fronts the bands Cracker Factory and RL Heyer’s Sweet Action and also plays or has played with The Bob Curnow Big Band, Spokane Jazz Orchestra, Richie Aldente, The True Spokes, Discs of Fury, Andrew Vait, Eternal Fair, Everstone, La Push, The Drunken Guitarists, The Staxx Brothers, The Filthy None, The West Exit, Flowmotion, and many more.

RL began performing at the age of 4 at a talent show, where he sang Chicago’s hit, You’re the Inspiration, and has never looked back. At 8, he found his mom’s guitar and after learning a few chords from her, taught himself to play. He has been helped along by several great musicians over the years that have sculpted him into a unique guitarist, singer, and songwriter with great versatility.

Special Events

DeLille Cellars Wine Dinner – Sunday, March 5th – 6:30pm

Join us for a very special evening featuring Executive Winemaker Chris Upchurch and the award winning wines of DeLille Cellars. Celebrating 25 years, DeLille Cellars has partnered with The Edgewater in creating a Limited Edition of their D2 for our 55th Anniversary. This vintage along with other selected wines will be perfectly paired with our exclusive menu created by Executive Chef Jesse Souza. For more information and reservations contact 206-269-4575. Seating is limited, reservations and deposit required.

About DeLille Cellars
DeLille Cellars is a boutique artisan winery located in Woodinville, Washington. The winery was founded in 1992 by Charles and Greg Lill, Jay Soloff and celebrated winemaker Chris Upchurch. The mission at DeLille Cellars has always been to create a new Bordeaux blend using Washington State vineyards. From the beginning, the winery has looked towards the prestigious Red Mountain AVA as the foundation of its wines, using grapes from its own vineyards in combination with fruit from other top sites in the Yakima Valley.

In 1992, the winery pioneered its Chaleur Estate Rouge and D2, both blends of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc. The team at DeLille believed that blending Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot in the traditional style would create wines in which each varietal would contribute its own attributes and would create classically structured wines in which the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, wines that showcase the purity of fruit that defines Washington State terroir, a “first growth” wine from some of the oldest vines in the state. This belief remains one of the winery’s guiding principles today.

In 1994, DeLille Cellars was fortunate to acquire the rights to Harrison Hill vineyard which had some of the oldest vines in the Washington. Now, with vines over 50 years old, Harrison Hill has become one of the most sought after Bordeaux blends in the state.

Observing the Bordeaux tradition of blending varietals together, in 1995 the team at DeLille chose to make a barrel fermented blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon for our first white wine: DeLille’s Chaleur Estate Blanc. We knew this would create a wine with more complexity, diverse aromas and classic structure than many White varietal wines and which would pair well with a wide variety of food. From the first, we achieved nuances of white flowers, sweet grass, honey suckle, creamy crème brûlée, toasted almonds and more. Over the years, Chaleur Estate Blanc has shown us all just how well a properly structured white wine can age.
Executive Winemaker – Chris Upchurch

“At DeLille, we believe that Washington State is a Grand Cru wine growing region, created 10,000 years ago. The challenge for us has always been and remains: to create special wines from the uniquely expressive terroir that Mother Nature gave us a long time ago,” states DeLille Cellars’ acclaimed winemaker Chris Upchurch. “We know that this challenge of discovery is never ending, and is becoming tradition here at DeLille Cellars.”

Chris’ love for wine started in his youth, with extensive travel throughout the Grand Cru wine-growing regions of Europe and the west coast of the US. "I had to start off developing my palate and my perspective. How can you make great wine if you don’t know what that is?" he reflected.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Washington, Chris began his career as a wine merchant, working with several of Seattle’s best-known restaurants. This experience allowed him to hone his palate while tasting wines from around the world. Deep in his heart, Chris knew he wanted to express his passion in the production end of the wine industry.

Armed with his love of wine and commitment to learning its craft, Chris initially developed a successful grape-brokerage business contracting grapes from Washington State and selling them to winemakers. Chris uncovered his true calling once he started spending endless hours in the vineyards. That love of the land, the vine and its fruit, fostered Chris’ passion of winemaking and his passion for charting a course in Washington State.

An acclaimed professional winemaker for over twenty years, Chris still spends much of his time in the vineyards of Washington State, primarily Yakima Valley and Red Mountain AVA’s. Reflecting on the great European winemaking tradition, he remarks “The truly long-lived wines are made in the vineyards. I expect to be here for many years to come.”

Featured Wine of the Month – Jackson Estate Vineyards
Six Seven Restaurant and Lounge is proud to partner with the finest wineries. Every month Six Seven will showcase extraordinary wines from around the world. For March, we present Jackson Estate Vineyards to enjoy by the glass or by the bottle.

Santa Maria Valley
2014 Jackson Estate Chardonnay - Golden mango, yellow peach and honeysuckle flower flavors, with oak barrel aging bringing notes of buttered biscuits and vanilla bean. $11 per glass $44 per bottle.

Anderson Valley
2014 Jackson Estate Pinot Noir - Rich flavors of blueberries, black cherries, cola and dusty spices. The tannins are silky, while oak barrel aging brings a smoky, sandalwood note. $13 per glass $52 per bottle

Alexander Valley
2013 Jackson Estate Cabernet Sauvignon - This Cabernet shows mountain intensity in its blackberry, black currant and cassis flavors. It’s bone dry, with thick but refined tannins, and brightened by a fine burst of acidity. $18 per glass $72 per bottle

About Jackson Estate Vineyards
Founder Jess Jackson’s vision and dedication to capturing hidden personality from rare, coastal California vineyards endures today in his legacy, and in practice, on every acre of the Jackson family’s land. He saw each vineyard parcel as a unique building block adding depth and complexity to the wine. His “We are Farmer’s First” philosophy still persists today. The Jackson family is deeply rooted in a devotion to long-term stewardship of the land and an unyielding belief that natural, sustainable environments produce wines of clarity with a resounding sense of place. The Jackson Estate collection is a tribute to the family’s most prized estate vineyards.

Featured Cocktails

bulleit bourbon, grapefruit, honey syrup

FRENCH 75/ 12
tangueray ‘no 10’ gin, prosecco, lemon, simple syrup

sobieski bizon grass vodka, pear liqueur, lemon

sauza ‘hornitos’ ‘black barrel’ tequila, lime, housemade grenadine, angostura bitters

tangueray gin, aperol, lillet