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Six Seven Restaurant & Lounge Calendar  

  • Friday 7/1 – Shaggy Sweet
  • Saturday 7/2 – Sunshine Junkies
  • Friday 7/8 - Shaggy Sweet
  • Saturday 7/9 – JP Hennessey
  • Friday 7/15 – Tomkia Wiliams
  • Saturday 7/16 – The Unoriginals
  • Friday 7/22 – Elena Maque
  • Saturday 7/23 – Cody Ray & The New Favorites
  • Friday 7/29 – Caety Sagoian
  • Saturday 7/30 – Sunshine Junkies

The Sunshine Junkies
The Sunshine Junkies is a three piece band on the verge of developing a unique sound that we can call our own. At the moment we are in the midst of creating our second album with a new approach that will be a departure from our debut album "Mirage". The Sunshine Junkies was originally formed in 2010 by (Jason Crockett) -vocals, guitar, and (Richie Audin) - lead guitar. Since that time we have played hundreds of shows at many different venues, with many different musicians. Now, with the new addition of percussionist, drummer, and friend, (Abraham Neuwelt) we have never sounded more cohesive and genuine!! We are now closer to an authentic sound then ever before, and we're having a blast doing it.

Cody Ray and The New Favorites
Cody Ray & The New Favorites are a Neo-Soul/R&B Rock-Funk infused power trio and duo, drawing from the early roots of soul, rhythm and blues, with influences of rock, jazz, and even grunge. Cody Ray Raymond, lead singer/songwriter and guitar player and his group are dynamically oriented, moving effortlessly through sultry sweet sounds to bouncing grooves, sometimes all in one song. This retro group is on their way to revitalizing soul music with the utmost passion and excitement.

Caety Sagoian
Caety has been acting and performing since she was twelve. A graduate of Seattle’s Cornish College of the Arts, you can see Caety performing regularly at the Seattle Children’s Theater. You may also have heard her voice-over work in various places, including the voice of Bowser Jr. in seven of Nintendo’s popular Mario Bros games. Caety also has a voice-over and on-camera spot with the PBS show Biz Kid$ and has appeared on KING 5 television’s “the 206″ this past year with Pat Cashman and John Keister.

JP Hennessy
JP Hennessy is an Irish recording artist located in Seattle. Raised in Ireland, JP began playing the guitar at the age of 15. He studied Music at the University of West London and then left to pursue his music career with Irish rock band the VooDoos. It was with this band that Hennessy performed at the MTV EMA Awards 2011 to an audience of 15,000 music fans. He played a large role in writing the VooDoos' first album and with them toured America, Ireland, Spain and Germany. In 2012, Hennessy parted ways with the VooDoos to pursue his own solo career. Currently based in Seattle, JP has quickly gained a solid and loyal fanbase in the Pacific Northwest. In 2015 he succeeded in getting on to some of Seattle's most popular festivals including NW Folklife and the Bite of Seattle. His music has received airplay on popular local radio stations such as Click 98.9, 88.5 KPLU and 90.7 KEXP, and can be streamed on iTunes, Spotify, and many more. Hennessy's music is best described as rockin' soul blues, and he has a deep influence from artists such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Bill Withers, Eric Clapton, BB King, Jimi Hendrix, John Mayer and more!

Tomeka Wiliams
Tomeka Wiliams has always been comfortable with who she is. But with lyrics like these, you can't blame her for being a little unsure about how others would react. Indeed, with looks that could easily land her in the "Super Diva" category, a voice that could earn her Southern Gospel praise and charged subject matter, her concerns were justified. "I was nervous, like....'What are people going to think?"' Tomeka says. "You don't expect a black woman to sing songs like this nowadays and actually mean it and have genuine emotion behind it." But one listen to the Tacoma , Washington singer's dynamic debut album, The Black Hood, and it's clear that Tomeka's distinctive soul inspired pop-rock blend serves as a perfect sonic platform for the talented singer to explore a wide range of the human experience with the type of potency seldom possessed by first time artists. She lobbies for the safe return of American soldiers on the wishful "Heroes (a letter to Obama)," deals with subjects like a drug addicted mother leaving her child alone to chase the pipe and sexual abuse by priests in the ominous title track "The Black Hood" and points out, not only how her ex became the ex, but that she knew about his philandering ways the whole time, on the bitter "Think About Me." She also passionately deals with an issue that virtually all women have dealt with (or will) -- the loss of innocence (AKA the first time) -- on the thought provoking "What She Gave."


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