Pikes Place Market

Pike Place Market

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Seattle's Pike Place Market is an icon of farmer's markets. One of the oldest continuously operated public farmer's markets in the United States, Pike Place Market is a landmark in Seattle.

Pike Place Market

One of the most iconic landmarks in the Pacific Northwest, Pike Place Market is an icon of Seattle. Pike Place Market, which opened in 1907, is one of the oldest continuously operated public farmer's markets in America. The market is composed of many different types of individual vendors, including craftspeople, small farming operations and a vibrant collection of artists. Pike Place Market is also home to a wide array of eclectic shops, dining options, hotel accommodations and entertainment venues. The market has a founding mission statement that emphasizes the consumer's ability to “Meet the Producer”. The market is run by a quasi-governmental organization known as the Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority.

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Located at the intersection of Pike Street and Pike Place, the market itself actually encompasses about 25 square blocks bordering Belltown, to the north, Elliot Bay, to the west, and downtown Seattle, to the east and south. Pike Place Market is so popular that it attracts over 10 million visitors each year and ranks within the top 35 most visited tourist sites in the world. Open year-round, with most smaller vendors operating out of stalls, Pike Place Market is a multi-level facility built on a steep slope leading down to Elliot Bay.


Popular Pike Place Market attractions include the Pike Place Fish Market and the original Starbucks coffee shop. The Fish Market is a must see; this is where fish mongers toss fresh fish to one another over the ice coolers and counter tops. The fish tossing is a perennial crowd pleaser and makes for endless photo opportunities. The original Starbucks coffee shop was opened in 1971 in a different location, but moved in 1976 to its current location at 1912 Pike Place and has been operating continuously ever since. In addition to the more established attractions, visitors can expect to find a plentiful variety of buskers, street performers, magicians and local musicians. In November of 2015, the "Gum Wall", one of the market's more interesting and enduring attractions, was removed from its original location. Contributions to a new Gum Wall, however, began to reappear almost immediately after the wall's initial power washing. For those who like to find the history of a location, Pike Place Market even has its own dedicated historical museum, the aptly-named Market Heritage Museum, which is located at 1531 Western Avenue.